Monday, September 22, 2014

A Rescue Visit to Glen Highland Farm

Where to start...   I've pondered this story since its conception three years ago from one of the worst possible situations to absolutely the best situation.  For several years, we have done everything to save/rescue border collies because of our love for the breed and the uniqueness of the dogs. Wrong placement in a home can be fatal to the breed and if you have never had a BC, take caution and research them before you get one, they are not for the faint of heart.   Ken Shuck

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Forward by Karen Newhall

To have been blessed with amazing Border Collies has changed my life

To have experienced the horrors of a Border Collie puppy mill has changed my life

To work with Border Collies herding sheep, providing pet therapy and competing in sporting events has changed my life

To have looked into the empty expression of puppy mill Border Collies has changed my life

To love a pair of Border Collies so deeply has changed my life

To have been part of a rescue effort of puppy mill Border Collies has changed my life

Witnessing Border Collies changing lives, teaching how to love and be loved, how to trust and be trusted, how to comfort and be comforted has changed my life

For those that have been blessed with loving, being loved, working with and comforted by this amazing breed know the feeling that most of us can't put into words.  The work ethic, focus, deep understanding, loyalty, devotion, playfulness, naughtiness, intelligence and humor make us smile and laugh everyday, make us feel loved everyday, make us feel needed everyday and make our lives more complete and fulfilled.  We are challenged in some way everyday; keeping them mentally and physically engaged, teaching a new trick or action, ensuring they are safe from food, toys and objects left unattended, keeping them from herding cars, livestock and neighborhood kids, finding a place for ourselves to sleep at night amongst a gaggle of collies.  Personally, I have adjusted my lifestyle and that of my family to ensure my girls have a great life. I walk more, I am outside more, I maintain a flock of sheep, my vacations are dog friendly, I drive dog friendly vehicles, dog hair is a common ingredient in family meals, I share my bed and we live in a home littered with toys, bones and dog hair. I wouldn't do it any other way. Being greeted by the wags and wiggles changes the outcome of everyday; I smile more, I laugh more and I love more, my life has changed.

For those that have been blessed to not have experienced the absolute destruction of spirit that occurs when dogs are kept in a mill situation are fortunate.  To be in the presence of Border Collies that won't approach people, that cower in the back of filthy cages, to look into eyes with no expression or softness, to lay your hands on the body of a border collie that freezes with fear, to watch them attempt to disappear by piling on top of each other or flatten themselves into the nearest corner to avoid being seen is heart breaking to say the least, it is life changing.

Take a moment and allow yourself to fully be in the presence of your own dog, look into their eyes, they will look directly back into your eyes. You can see into their soul, and they into yours. Hug them, they will hug you back.   Just be in the is life changing. Think about the best times spent with your BC family member.....snuggling, hiking, swimming, herding, agility, obedience, training, camping, pet therapy sessions, fly ball, Frisbee, fetch, daily walks or any of the other, dozens of activities these amazing dogs adapt themselves to do. Consider if your dog, by happen stance, was stuck in a puppy mill cage, covered in urine and feces, never knew the feeling of running free in the grass, sleeping in a bed, counter surfing, chasing a ball, diving into the lake.....the thought of the lost opportunities for you, your dog and the many people that have been impacted by your dog is life changing, it is for me. I cannot imagine my own two beautiful girls not loving and being loved by my family.  
Ruby and Nellie
Who would comfort Nellie when there is thunder, who would fluff Ruby's pillow, who would herd my sheep, who would comfort me, who would I have when the boys are off leading their lives, who would keep them safe, who would love them, who would they love and work for?  Nobody.

Over the past two years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to illicit change for Border Collies and families. Helping to rescue and re home several Border Collies, being an advocate and taking action to end the horrific suffering of an illegal puppy mill and helping to transport the 'Lucky Five' to Glen Highland Farm so that they could start the healing process and change the lives of those fortunate enough to cross paths with them. By no means, have I done enough or even a lot. There is more to be done and I will continue on this journey. There is so much to be done and many ways to help. There is an opportunity to change lives of dogs, people and ourselves. I will continue to support these efforts and encourage others to do the same. We all have a common bond; we love these dogs, whether they are our current companions, our past companions or companions owned by family and friends. The reward is knowing I have made a difference, one dog at a time and my life has changed...for the better.
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